June 29, 2010

List of sites for bookish people

So I love the word free ( who doesn't?) Most of these site have contests for books but some offer free ebooks. ENLOY!
  • Pulse it provides free ebooks every month. They also have a contest with three winners which 100% depends on your participation on there site. You can blog, review, and play around on the message board. Truely amazing if you get into it. Click here to join!
  • Random Buzzers- What I like about this site is that you have to earn "Buzz Bucks" and you use those to purchase books. You get bucks by doing quizes and activities that are pretty fun! Become a Random Buzzer!
  • I just found this today but its an ebook of pretty little liars.Click here to read.
  • Library thing- Offers an Advance Reader Copy (ARCs) program that you can register for a chance to get one and a member give away page. Click to sign up.
  • Ya Reads- This site offers all sorts of reviews of crazy good books. They also have a contest section which offers books all the time!Click here.
  • Fallen Archangel- What I get from the site its a fan site that has giveaways every month!Check it out.
  • Novel Novice- This site also has contests for free books and other stuff!Check it out
  • Hip lit- They have contests and such also. Its through Harper Collins. Check it out