April 30, 2011

IMM (23)

[Lets give props to Kristi (The Story Siren) for her amazing meme that allows us to drool over what books people got in their mailbox. If you want go get in on the IMM Magic check out Kristi's blog ]

For Review:

Enclave by Ann Aguirre 
Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick
The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch 


Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves (currently reading and AHH! lets just say its good)
My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison

Willow by Julia Hoban
Gone by Lisa McMann (Dallin already finished this one)
The Book Theif by Markus Zusak  (because I loved it THAT much)
Sleepless by Thomas Fahy

The Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures
 (this book is really awesome it has sketches of all these amazing mythical creatures and tons of info on all of them :) 

From My Pen Pal:

So Brielle from Awesome Bookworm and I decided to start sending mail to each other. Little letters and what not and I got a letter from her this week!!

  • A piece of crazy blue string
  • A Twinkie (not really because that would be messy)
  • A Machete (yeah not that one either)
  • An Emergency Jim (the super hero unicorn) 
  • A book mark with Jim on it (so he can read what I am reading)
  • An Identification Card 
  • A list of what comes in the KIT
  • A list of possible but not probable side effects
  • A note from the sender
  • And to seal it all up a Sponge Bob band-aid 

What did you get in your mailbox?

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April 29, 2011

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa


Half Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan has never fit in anywhere. Deserted by the Winter prince she thought loved her, she is prisoner to the Winter faery queen. As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows that the real danger comes from the Iron fey—ironbound faeries that only she and her absent prince have seen. But no one believes her.

Worse, Meghan's own fey powers have been cut off. She's stuck in Faery with only her wits for help. Trusting anyone would be foolish. Trusting a seeming traitor could be deadly. But even as she grows a backbone of iron, Meghan can't help but hear the whispers of longing in her all-too-human heart.

Epic  Wins:
  • Grim is my favorite! I didn’t really realize this until the middle of this book. I seriously lit up when he made his appearance. So I guess I am team Grim :P
  • Again I love the world that has been created. The many different creatures and the crazy magic. Best.World.Ever.
  • Iron Horse: I love how he talks in ALL CAPS, but even more I love his loyalty to Meghan.
  • There are so many turns (almost makes one dizzy). You know the ones where you get the subtle hint of what might happen then when it happens it’s like BANG!
  • Meghan has to make many hard decisions, ones you don’t want to have to make. Like Family or Love, Faery or Human, Puck or Ash.
  • I didn’t think I would cry but I did. What surprised me was who I cried over.
  • I just love Julie’s writing. It feeds my over active imagination like no other book (okay except The Iron King :P)
  • Puck was like a splash of cold water on a hot summer day in Arizona, so very needed. Puck (to me) is the comedic break, especially during dark times, like when he is near death is like a twisted coping mechanism.
  • When you are locked in a room , it would not be so bad to have a Phouka names Tiaothin to entertain you. It is not the worst that could happen.
  • I told myself to put on this list something about the Iron glamour, don’t really remember what that was about but apparently it was cool enough to mention.

Epic Fails:
  • I have attempted five six times to come up with something so I’ll state it like this. Not a fan of the love triangle (well it’s really a V isn’t it?). Meghan is a great character, a strong willed amazing character, but I disliked it when she would go into a tizzy about a guy. And the whole I-can’t-chose-which-hottie-I want-to-be-with thing gets annoying. (Wish I had THAT problem)
  • Rowan: He was a creep. I wish Megan HAD punched him. It would have been funny. (I think it would be like Hermione punching Malfo)  

“It’s only a flesh wound” –Puck (I think that was a cleverly placed joke from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. No?)

Yet another great adventure with Megan. LOVE IT! *fist kiss* (that’s not weird its sign language for love it)

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April 28, 2011

We are talking triangles today

Topic: The Love Triangle

Okay let me start out by clarifying: It is not a TRIANGLE it is a V a big fat, stupid V. 

Here is the logic 

The Triangle:

Triangle= Girl likes Boy1 + Girl likes Boy2 + Boy1 likes Boy2


Triangle = Girl likes Boy1 + Girl likes Boy2 + Boy1 is friends with Boy2

The V:

A Love V= Girl likes Boy1 + Girl like Boy 2

I don't know what you were taught but that is how I see it. 

Now I must share my opinion of said and clarified Love V. I HATE THEM!! Yep that will do it. Oh you want me to explain? Okay. Some girls are having a hard enough time finding one guy, how is it that most female literary character have two perspective loves?  It bugs me that these character fall into insta-love (that is another post)  then realize they also love this other person too. I get that you CAN love multiple people but it doesn't sit well with me. That is all.

Some books (off the top of my head, mind you) that have the dreadful V:
  • Twilight
  • Hex Hall (series)
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Iron Fey
  • The Liar Society
  • The Mortal Instruments
  • Clockwork Angel
  • The Ugly Series
  • Wither

Yes these books are all wonderful, but they all have that twisted V. I just don't like it but it will always be in books so I guess I just have to deal with it. 

What do you think about Love Triangles (as they are called) ?

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April 25, 2011

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The Making Fun Edition

What inspires you?

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April 23, 2011

IMM (22)

[Props to Kristi (The Story Siren) for her amazing meme that allows us to drool over what books people got in their mailbox. If you want go get in on the IMM Magic check out Kristi's blog ]


(This was for the R.A.K. I sent it to Brielle from Awesome Bookworm. Hi Brielle!)

(Read it. So creepy good)

(Read it. SO BEAUTIFUL!)

Random Buzzers:

For Review:

(x2 there was confusion but that means a giveaway for YOU!!)
(This is a REALLY good book :)

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April 22, 2011

I’ll Be There by Holly Sloan

“And because of that she believed in destiny. At least that’s what she would later tell herself” p5

Epic Wins:
  • Cosmic. Destiny. Meant to be. This book expertly illustrates those words. I was a big fan of how every character had a role in the story, most even had a point of view.
  • Sam was one of those guys who are drop-dead-then-bring-you-back-to-life-gorgeous except he didn’t know he was. He lacked the ego that typically comes with the hot factor (cough jace coughcough). Through his upbringing there was no way for Sam to know that he was some kind of new level of hot.
  • Emily gave me a bubbly vibe at first. NOT silly or stupid just content with life or someone who is happy being themselves. She becomes more complex as the story goes on and as she starts to drift from the person she was you can see how Sam and Riddle have changed her life.
  • Riddle is just that a riddle. He refuses to speak because Sam can do it for him. Riddle opens up only after Mrs. Bell (Emily’s mom) starts to try and crack the riddle that is Riddle, this is something Riddles father would never do. Okay so the dog Felix might have had something to do with it too.
  • Nothing is ever stable in Sam’s life, except the music. He goes to church every Sunday, not for the religious high or anything like that he goes to hear the music. The crisp notes speak to him in a way that ignites passion deep within him. He carries around his prized possession, an old tattered guitar. His passion for music strums right off the page, you can feel.
  • The fact that Mrs. Bell takes the time to work with Riddle really melts my heart. They cook together and as the ingredients mix so go their hearts. Mrs. Bell would call him her son and go to the ends of earth for him.
  • I just loved the many points of view. Someone mentioned in a review that it felt like it was written like a movie, that perhaps it would have been better on screen. My thing is I like that aspect, it allowed me to act like a camera and get the whole shot. I mean come on even the dog had a point of view you have to love that!
  • The Bell family was so inviting to Sam and Riddle (Okay maybe not at first but still!) they accepted them as family.
  • A puzzle it was like a beautiful puzzle. The author hands you one piece at a time in random order then puts them together at the very end.
  • An illustration of how humans are connected.
Epic Fails:
  • Clearance is mentally ill and won’t take his meds (Schizophrenia I think) nonetheless he is on the train to crazy town and bringing his kids along for the hurt. He is one of the worst (best written) evil scumbags I have read about thus far.
  • Bobby Ellis is a creeper to me. With his parents as employment (Privet eye and Lawyer) it is no surprise that he does a little digging. So he snoops like Nancy Drew but that ISN’T the creepy part, however stalking the girl you like would be crossing the line into crazy town. He only drives by her house every time he is out and about and stalks the person she likes to find dirt on him. You know, typical creeper.
This is the best contemporary I have read in a long time. It made me realize that love isn’t the only real form of magic , we also have destiny. 

just sayin,

April 20, 2011

Confession: We are in love with fictional characters


On twitter I asked who YOUR literary crushes were. We wanted to see who you guys liked and to see if any matched ours. 

So here were a few responses:

Gale Hawthorne from the Hunger Games series (Julia from That Happa Chick)

Howl from The Castle series (Ecey from Ecered)

Percy from The Percy Jackson series (Brielle Awesome Bookworm)

Luc from Personal Demons (Katie from Call Me Crazy)

Luce from The Fallen series  (Kreag from I Devour Books)

Rosalie from The Twilight Series (Patrick from I Random Blogger)

Dally's Dangerous Damsels:
What are we talking about? OY! Hot girls!

4th Place:
Eve from The Morganville Vampires- She is like, like a hot rebel. 

3rd Place:
Isabel from The Mortal Instruments- Like Indiana Jones in female form... who doesn't approve?

2nd Place:
Ariana from The Paranormalcy series- She is a rebel to her kind. Bad to her own kind but kind to humankind. 


First FREAKING place:

Ginny Weasly 

She is silent but deadly. You always have to watch the quiet ones. If you need a kick-butt character, Ginny is your girl! This girl has magical wand waving skills, epic quidditch game, and drop-dead-bring-you-back-to-life-gorgeous. *whispers* Don't get on her bad side though because she can kill with a look. 

Kare's Killer Krush:
I have never told anyone my crush because its nerdy (those being the ones I like best :) but I think I will start with the runners up because they need credit too!

4th Place:
Sam from I'll Be There by Holly Goldburg

3rd Place:
Luke from Forgotten by Cat Patrick

2nd Place:
Martin from The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

and last and most amazingly first...

Nevil Longbottom 

I know what you are thinking... really? him?

YES I SCREAM YES!! I love how the whole story about Harry could have been about Nevil, but by a twist of fate it wasn't . I love how when Nevil is truly need he is a brave-hearted leader as Harry is. I adore how he has courage, courage enough to stand up to his friends. I find his passion, Herbology, fascinating.  Basically I wish JK had written some of Nevil's last year at Hogwarts just because I would have LOVED to read it from his view. Sure Harry's story is amazing but something about Nevil's change excites me. Makes one think you can be the worlds greatest screw up BUT in the end you can still be something great. 

So yes my literary crush is Nevil Longbottom.

Who is your literary crush and why?

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April 18, 2011

Daily Dose (16)

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The Vans Edition:

What inspires you?

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April 15, 2011

Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis


Twelve-year-old Kat Stephenson may be the despair of her social-climbing Step-Mama, but she was born to be a magical Guardian and protector of Society--if she can ever find true acceptance in the secret Order that expelled her own mother. She’s ready to turn the hidebound Order of the Guardians inside-out, whether the older members like it or not. And in a society where magic is the greatest scandal of all, Kat is determined to use all her powers to help her three older siblings--saintly Elissa, practicing-witch Angeline, and hopelessly foolish Charles--find their own true loves, even if she has to turn highwayman, battle wild magic, and confront real ghosts along the way!

Epic Wins:
  • KAT- She was a strong and spunky little girl. She was filled with confidence, curious, and very adventurous.
  • Magic. Magic is always a plus, but this magic was cool. She wasn’t a witch or wizard; she was a guardian (someone who fixes the mistakes of witches who use magic for bad).
  • It defiantly had a mysterious element. The kind that keep you guessing at who is the bad guy and who is the good one, then towards the end it all comes together and the main character finishes the puzzle in their head. It was like KABOOM!
  • The time period. I have always loved Pride and Prejudice so to be able to read  about that same time period  through  Kat was fun.
  • Elissa and Angeline (Kat’s sisters) were like literary opposites. Elissa was the type that exepts her ‘responsibility’ and does what is best for the family. Angeline on the other hand makes things happen for herself.
  • Take Coraline + Matilda + Pride and Prejudice = and you get Kat, Incorrigible.
  • Oh gosh here is my crazy brain train! So sometimes when I read books I use accents,  British was my choice for this book. I thought it was amazing to hear the British accent in my head (yes I have a thing for accents)  
  • Another thing I should mention was the vocabulary… some words I have NEVER read before showed up. Of course words like ninny showed up (which made me giggle senselessly).
Epic Fails:
  • She was a bit young so no love story for her :( BUT that didn't stop her sisters
  • The stepmother was annoying… I just don’t like her!!
  • THAT evil guy the one that I can’t tell you about but he was bad! (yeah because that makes sense right?)

Truly magical! I loved this book! Now I know what you are thinking middle grade? Are you sure? YES! OH MY GOSH!! This book was so amazing despite the age! 

just sayin, 

April 13, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: Putting Makeup on Dead people

I'm still waiting...



It's been four years since Donna Parisi's father passed away, but it might as well have been four days. Donna makes conversation and goes through the motion, but she hasn't really gotten on with life. She's not close with anyone, she doesn't have a boyfriend and she's going to college at the local university with a major that her mother picked. But one day Donna has an epiphany. She wants to work with dead people. She wants to help people say goodbye and she wants to learn to love a whole person--body and soul. She wants to live her life and be exceptional...at loving, at grieving and at embalming and cremating,too. Even as she makes the decision, things start to change. Donna makes friends with the charismatic new student, Liz. She notices the boy, Charlie, at her table and realizes that maybe he's been noticing her, too. And she begins to forgive the rest of her family for living their lives while she's been busy moping.

Jennifer Violi's gentle, moving story of a girl who finds a life in the midst of death will appeal to any reader who's felt stuck and found inspiration in an unexpected place.

What drew me in?

I know, I know but just go with it. So I went through a phase where I considered being a Corner, I thought it would be a fun job and you can't really mess up on dead people can you? The other thing that got me was it sounds like she finds a passion with in her grief, I love those kind of stories. Light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel junk  always gets me. Then there is the cover... pretty but slightly creepy at the same time. 

According to Goodreads Putting Makeup on Dead people is to be published on July 26th, 2011 by Hyperion.

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April 11, 2011

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The Quotes Edition

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