August 15, 2013



1. Verb: Fail to care for properly:
2. Noun The state or fact of being uncared for:

Syn: disregard, omit, ignore. 

This blog is so neglected it has started to collect dust and cobwebs. 

But seriously? I'm so sorry! Life just sort of happened and I haven't had a sane second to write or read. I think I'm at a better place, at least for now, that I can start up again. Ready to hear the crazy stuff I've been through?

March 15th- My aunt died

April 1st- Had an organ removed

April 15th- My grandma died

May 5th- My roommate had her organ removed

May 12th- (aka mothers day) My grandpa died

May 13th- I broke down. 

So basically the last few months has been me trying to find solid ground. Not sure I've found it, even now, but I am trying to get passed the grief. I feel justified in my absence but I needed you to know that I still love you and reading and this whole world of books! Here is to hoping that I get things back in order and down to business. Thanks for understanding.