April 12, 2013

Thing have been happening...

Seriously, whatever.

It's kind of crazy how everything can be just fine one moment and then the next three moments are hectic crazy. I know I have been neglectful and that is mainly because all the sudden things started happening. Big things.

For the last thirty so years my aunt has been battling MS. I don't know much about MS but I do know it's painful and more often then not leads to premature death. My aunt fought hard for years but she passed away on March 15th. My family headed off to Arkansas for the funeral right away. My mom ended up having to stay longer to help with my grandpa who is suffering with cancer. In the mix I ended up staying there with her for the extra week.

After we got home I only had a few days to pack before I thought I would be going to Arizona for a few days before making my way back to Idaho and starting school. So why am I not in Arizona right now soaking up the sun and swimming everyday? See below.

I'd been having this awful pain in my stomach for the past few months. I thought it was the type of foods I was eating so I had been avoiding certain foods and really trying to make it go away. It was the terrible kind of pain where you can't even sleep till it passes. Except on this passed Monday the pain came back with a vengeance  It lasted all day and finally at nine I asked my mom to take me to the emergency room.

Long story short I had my gall bladder removed last week. Everything with the surgery went fine and I am doing MUCH MUCH better. I'm just glad the pain is gone and I can focus on getting recovered.

I didn't end up going to Arizona like planned but instead I am still in Georgia and will be going straight to Idaho next week. Sad but true.

The good news?
I'm enrolled in a YA Lit class for this semester and am required to read about 30 books by the semesters end. I decided I would review each one on this blog as a sort of project for the blog. I'm really excited to see what books the teacher is going to have us read!

Reading Report:
What I am currently reading: Wicked by Sara Shepard (I recently became addicted to this series. It was one of those that I refused to start because I thought I wouldn't like it. I was wrong. Really wrong.)
Recently Finished: Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, Unbelievable, Mind Games (AH!!!!), I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you, and Dead is So Last Year. (I think I got my swing back. Good-bye for now, book coma!)
Up Next: Killer by Sara Shepard

-Kare Out-