July 01, 2011

Solstice by P.J. Hoover


My world is dying. Global warming will kill every living thing on Earth. I endure the endless summer, and do what I can to help. Until one day…

I open a box, and everything changes.

I discover a world of mythology parallel to my own. A world where gods battle for control, and monsters feed in the rivers of the Underworld. This dark world pulls me in and tells me I belong.

I meet Shayne, who keeps secrets from me. And Reese, who makes me feel alive. But I almost lose my best friend and my life. I don't want to leave this new world. But can I choose the life I want, without sacrificing the people I love?

SOLSTICE is P.J. Hoover's debut YA novel and is the first front-list novel to be independently published by an Andrea Brown Literary Agency author.

  •  This world was incredible.  Hoover is an amazing world builder, so amazing that I could see and feel the world around me.
  • The colliding of mythology and dystopian, you wouldn’t think it would be very smooth but it was seamless. I love the way she mixed them together
  • The twist and turns make this an unpredictable story. They happen sharp and quick with out you really knowing what lies ahead.
  • Piper- She was struggling with being suffocated by her  mother, choosing between two boys, and making sure not to get burned to a crisp by the sun.  Her past is interesting.
  • Shayne- Uh he’s cute but he has some BIG secrets.
  • Chloe- I thought she was one of those friends that pushes you to be better.
  • The mythological er…. Features. They seen to spring up quite smoothly. I am a huge fan of mythology and I think when it is intertwined with in a book that book becomes informational.
  • The dystopian part- It shows what sort of problems we would have were global warming to commence. It also showed a corrupt government and strange technology.  

  • Love V - I am not really a fan of this concept. I got over this enough to move on through the story. 

I really loved the way this book turned out and the fact that it took two different genres and pushed liquefy on the blender. 

just sayin,

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  1. Ooh, thank you for the nice review! I'm so glad you enjoyed SOLSTICE :)


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