September 14, 2011

The Pull of Gravity by Gae Polisner


While Nick Gardner’s family is falling apart, his best friend, Scooter, is dying from a freak disease. The Scoot’s final wish is that Nick and their quirky classmate, Jaycee Amato, deliver a prized first-edition copy of Of Mice and Men to the Scoot’s father. There’s just one problem: the Scoot’s father walked out years ago and hasn’t been heard from since. So, guided by Steinbeck’s life lessons, and with only the vaguest of plans, Nick and Jaycee set off to find him.

Characters you’ll want to become friends with and a narrative voice that sparkles with wit make this a truly original coming-of-age story.

Epic Wins:

  • The adventure- It's crazy from the start and they both know it, but what adventure doesn't include crazy? They know that there quest could turn up nothing but somehow they know they still have to try. 
  • The idea of the pull of gravity, the fall. The hair-brained idea that peoples plans will always fall apart but only to fall into place.
  • Jaycee- I loved her obsession with Of Mice and Men, makes me want to read it! She was determine and had her own style.
  • Nick- He was hilarious! I loved seeing his world and life. You got to see him change from kid to teenager.
  • I don't know about you guys but Star Wars has always been a part of my life, always. My dad and brothers love it and yes I have seen all the movies. So when I read this book I thought it was cool that it was incorporated into the story. 
  • Nick is quiet and Jaycee is loud, it was fun to see their relationship and how it worked.
  • The Scoot- He was like a modern-day Yoda in wisdom and size.
  • There are quite a few twists that throw you off guard in various ways.
  • Another amazing road trip style book!! They traveled by bus which was different and made sense because they were too young to drive but the road trip spirit was still there. 

Epic Fails:

  • His dad. Now I can understand why he did what he did but that doesn't mean I have to like it!

This book pulls you to it's core and invests you in it.. A nice honest contemporary. 

just sayin, 


  1. Oh yeah, I have two younger brothers, plus a mom who grew up with four nephews her age when STAR WARS came out, so how could it not be a part of my life?

    May the force be with you, epic one:)

  2. thanks for the epic review, Kare. It always means so much when a person connects and takes the time to write about it too!



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