November 22, 2010

Monday Moments:Katie from Call Me Crazy

First off I just want to say thank you so much to Kare for having me! I've had so much fun talking with her about books and the most random topics one could ever think of. I'm so glad to have such an awesome book blogger friend like Kare!

Even though I'm seventeen I'm not really your typical teenager. My hobbies don't include partying until the wee hours of the morning and going to the mall every weekend. I enjoy reading, sculpting, quilting and glass works! I'm a first year home schooler and loving it! Many people ask why I decided to leave my high school my senior year and it was just because of bullying. Random fact time: That's where I got my blog name, I was known as "Crazy Katie" which I (just to show how weird I am) loved how that sounded! Ah the joys of being a teen in today's society...
Lately I haven't been working on my artwork as much as I should since I've been engulfed in this amazing book blogging community and reading a ton. Above are some pictures of what happens when I'm bored during my summers. The blue/ purple one is a mosaic, the rose is hand carved out of polymer clay and the Mockingjay is a hand stitched square I made for my book quilt.

5 Random Facts
1. I'm terrified of butterflies... seriously just because something has wings doesn't make it cute.
2. My dog, Max, is my world!
3. I've been told a four year old can write better than me. My handwriting is terrible, it's like a chicken drank caffeine and ran over my paper.
4. I'm an only child so I'm a tad spoiled. Especially with books!
5. I drive a bright yellow beetle with black and yellow leather seats.

My Favorites
Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
This movie has so many hilarious lines that I love quoting on a daily basis! Also the young Joesph Gordan Levitt! Yum!
"My insurance does not cover PMS!" -Mr. Stratford
T.V. Show: Vampire Diaries
I'm totally Team Damon, but Paul Wesley is a hottie too! Who else swooned at their television when Damon told Elena he loved her?!

Song: Poison by All American Rejects
It just fits my mood right now. My favorite song changes probably three times a day. I love this band!
Book: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
I loved Calla. She's a total powerhouse!
Author: Lauren Oliver
I'm obsessed with Delirium. Lauren is genius.
Literary Crush: Peeta Mallark
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
*Drool* What a studmuffin! He's loyal, warm-hearted and loving. Team Peeta all the way baby!

"I'm going to tell you a secret. Our lives are shaped by the future, not by the past. Once you decide how you want your life to be, all you need to do is live into that future."
-Heaven Look A Lot Like the Mall by Wendy Mass
Thank you so much to the epic Kare for having me! I had a blast!

Crazy Katie

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just sayin.


  1. lol i loved the picture of damon and stephen and your art is awesome great post


  2. Ahh! Kare you're so awesome! Thank you so much for having me!! (& thanks for mentioning the giveaway!)

    Thank you Maya! :)

  3. Loved your post Katie. I too write like a four year old because I am always in a hurry to get everything down. Max is a cutie :)

  4. Thanks Nic! Isn't he?! He LOVES getting his picture taken. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with bad handwriting ;)

  5. This was really awesome :-) I love getting to know bloggers! I've noticed more & more blogs doing this lately. How cool is it that you have a book quilt??!! I need to see pics of that!

  6. loved this post Katie - you have so much energy and coolness.

    I like Peeta too but I liked Gale better :)

    My son is scared of Butterflies too! We went to this tourist attraction (The butterfly house) and paid to see rare butterflies, etc - and he freaked out and we had to leave, haha. he's 8 :)

  7. I LOVE that quote :)

    A yellow bug? Sweet!

    You've got a point about butterflies. The weirdest things are those people who collect dead butterflies. Ick!

    Great post :)

  8. Your art is so awesome, especially the Mockingjay! I would love to see pictures of your book quilt. I empathize with you over the bullying at school... people call me all kinds of things and generally treat me like crap at my high school. I've been considering home-schooling my last two years for a while now. Glad to hear that it's working out great for you! :)

  9. I was homeschooled too :) All of my school days. I loved it.
    Usually I am a Stefan fan...but Damon has started to change that. ESPECIALLY when he told Elena he loved her. Ah! Loved that scene.

  10. -Hey Ginger! I'll post pictures on my blog when I get my squares done. The mockingjay is my one and only so far lol
    -Thanks Nomes! I've never heard of anyone else being afraid of butterflies! I'm glad your son and I have that in common! haha The butterfly house was where I freaked out too! Two of them landed on me! Ahh!
    -Thank you Juju! I totally agree! Why would anyone want dead bodies on their wall?!
    -Thank you so much Kat! I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with bullying too. I hope you're able to do homeschooling soon :) It make all the difference.
    -Hey Jessica! Isn't homeschooling awesome?! :)
    That was when I changed teams! Damon was so sweet!


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