February 04, 2011

Fixated Friday:The Liar Society a poem or something like that

So in the Liar Society there is this girl named Kate (you probably already knew that) and she has a dead best friend named Grace (you might have known that too) but unless you have read it or are a mind reader you might not have known that Grace had a string of pearls (okay just realized my button might have given that way). I really loved the pearls don't ask me why but when the girl with the pink hair puts them on it gives her courage and reminds her why she is trying to figure the mystery that is Grace's Death. To celebrate my crazy obsession of these pearls I have written a poem (or something like that). 

Grace’s Pearls

The white luminescent color shines in the sun
Like little orbs of light strung together
Something so beautiful it’s magic
The string holding everything together
Grace was the string that held our three orbs together
She’s gone now and we have scattered
I need to solve this now to bring the string back
She needs me I know she does
I have to figure this out
Move the puzzle pieces into place
Before it is too late

just sayin,


  1. This was so super cute and fun! I loved this post and I loved this book!

  2. Oh my Kare this rocks! I love the lines "Grace was teh string that held out three orbs together, She's gone now and we have scattered" Oooo so pretty!

  3. This is AMAZING, Kare! Not sure if Laura already commented, but you know how we feel about this poem! Have a fabulous weekend!


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