June 24, 2012

May Be Long Gone

Yes the title is pun. I know it's almost July but I needed to do something for June if only to use that awesome graphic *points up*

Books I read in May:
  • Between Shades of Gray (even though it's one of the only books on my list for this month know that it is one of the best books I have read in a while) (also note that I had to finish it on a public bus, tears and all)
  • The Hobbit (for class- doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it)
Books Reviewed in May:

Books I want to read in June: Uh well since it's almost over *shuffles feet awkwardly* I'll just list the one I am reading now. 

The Land of Potatoes:

(coincidentally this is what I had for lunch today :)

Well I have managed to squeeze a few extra hours out of my week and might possible be able to continue blogging. *throws confetti*

When you were young.

I went to see this beauty *points down* which is exceptional in every way and I highly recommend it. Also: There was a short before it about this little kid and the moon and stars and it was just too cute. Too cute I say!!

My awesome roommates are currently having a Lord of the Rings marathon at the moment so I must go. 


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  1. Aww I'm so happy you loved Between Shades of Grey, I really, really need to read that one! It must have been so emotional to get you to cry on a bus too! I hope you're doing well! :)


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