May 15, 2012

The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland

Epic Wins:
  • Right as I read the first page I became captivated, some how Greenland sucked me in with just a few words. 
  • The summer complex- Summer is one of my favorite times of the year so it was easy to slip into a book about the summer. I could feel the summer heat, the warm sand, and smell the salty water.
  • Em- Em was a rasied-to-be-a-lawyer-from-birth type of kid. She was super smart and headed to Harvard. When out of her parents rule she begins to question what she really wants, who she is. 
  • Deep Family secrets- Who isn't a little curious about their family ties? A cousin she never knew existed and a life-changing secret put Em on strange and wobbly ground. 
  • Cade- No summer is complete with out a guy to pine for. Cade was romantic, creative, and had a slice of mystery to him that kept you toxically hooked. 
  • Fredrick- (the cousin) I love how they hit it off so well. I mean she didn't even know who he was , yet they were such close friends by the end. They are both smarty-pants + they can both decently play chess. 
  • Aunt Tilly- Carefree, she helps open Em's eyes to who she really is, who she wants to be.
  • The hidden cookbooks- Em's parent's were pretty strict (out of love) so she has to keep her passion for cooking quiet. Thus she was forced to hide cookbooks like it was drugs.
  • Gweny- Tight as they come Em & Gweny were as close as sisters can be, best friends. The relationship they had was strong but adorable. Gweny seemed to always be there and encourage Em even in those difficult times where everything falls apart. 
  • Message 1- Take a Break. Seriously sometimes you have to back away from your life for a little while to figure things out. For Em it was a trip to her Aunts in the summer. For you it could be as simple as a nap to refocus on your homework. 
  • Message 2- Don't let people (even parents who love you dearly) decide your future. They aren't the ones who have to live it, you are. 
  • Message 3- Siblings (or a close friend) are one of the greatest suport systems you can have. You may fight like crazy but when it's important they usually have your back. 
  • Message 4- Disasters will happen but don't let them derail you for too long.  

Overall: This book made me CRAVE summer. Such a quick, endearing book about how one summer can change the course of you life. 

just sayin,


  1. The cover of this book just screams summer (and the title helps ;) but this book didn't really work for me (problems with characterization). I like your takeaway messages though as they help me reflect back on this book more fondly.

  2. I've heard such good things about this book!

  3. Sounds like the characters really made this book something special. I haven't heard a lot about this story yet though so I shall have to dig deeper to find out if I will enjoy it or not.

    Thanks for the awesome review!


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