July 09, 2010

IMM (1)

Ok so today I opened my mailbox (which really is just a mail slot a block away from my house) and got really excited when I saw a big yellow envelope. I had been viciously watching the mail waiting for my first book to come. Today however I had forgotten to check the mail (seeing as I have been taking Nyquil and sleeping all day due to the flu , I mean really who gets the flu in the summer) , so at seven I finally remembered and guess what?! It was there my first book. So with out further ado, The Emerald Talisman!

I am so excited to read this!

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  1. Hey ! This is Alison (lostinbelieving from Pulse it) and that's pretty awesome that you got stuff in the mail ! Wait, so I'm guessing that you've been contacted by publishers to send you books to review?! If so, LUCKY ! Haha I like your blog :D



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