January 25, 2011

The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy


“In a lot of ways playing Cinderella is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You are terrified of what you might see as it unfolds, but you can’t not look. Especially when you suspect that you might be the train” p91

“To celebrate our strength, embrace our future, and be extraordinary” p281

“Just Breathe” p272

Epic Wins:

  • This book is the kind that alters your thinking. I usually doubt myself at every turn but the Cindy’s saying (“No wicked chatter”) comes to mind every time I think negatively now. It inspires and electrifies.
  • Jess: She has major doubts about herself (which I relate to) but she is fairly confident (which I admire). It sounds weird but she always holds the little doubt in her head.
  • The society: A girl power organization that works to defend against evil (The Wickeds) and restores confidence to girls? Yeah I dig it!
  • I loved how the society encouraged you to look good and do good but be YOU.
  • The Cindys: I love how confident these girls are! They Radiate for Jess, in a way. That she really needs to accomplish her mission.
  • Heather: Mother? Dead. Father? Drunk. She has nobody to turn to making her the ideal target for the Wickeds. When needed Heather shines brightly in a way that nobody can.
  • The three groups (Reggies, Wickeds, and Cindys) who coexist working with or against each other. Basically loved this concept.
  • Headquarters: While you are secretly planning to bring down a secret group of evil doers why not hold HQ at a coffee house?
  • Sara Jane (aka SJ) is my new idol. She is one of those people who can keep calm in virtually any situation. I loved her approach to things.

Epic Fails:

  • Ryan: In the beginning I really liked him, he was true and cute and just overall adorable. Unfortunately, his actions lead me to add him to this list. They vow to give it another shot but I am afraid I will not be holding my breath or crossing my fingers. I had a friend who went through the same situation and she was really torn up because she loved the guy but he wasn’t ready to go in that deep.
  • Wickeds (you knew they would be here). A sinister group of girls trying to infiltrate the Reggie’s and make puppets (you know the usual take over the world scheme). They are the type of villains you love to hate.
  • Lexi: She could have been so much more but everyone has their choice and she made hers. So here she sits a wicked.


This book was everything a girl needs to see the power she holds (no not paranormal status) actual real-life power that blows people away… CONFIDENCE! So hands down loved it :P

just sayin,

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  1. Hey Kare! Loved your review, and especially the "Wins" and Fails" categories. I'm on this right now, and I definitely agree with everything you said! It's kind of a little slow for me, though, and I'm not really liking that Ryan guy very much!


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