January 23, 2011

IMM (20)

[Lets give props to Kristi (The Story Siren) for her amazing meme that allows us to drool over what books people got in their mailbox. If you want go get in on the IMM Magic check out Kristi's blog ]

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan 

For Review:

The Darlings are Forever

Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore 

The Miles Between

Between by Jessica Warman
(manuscript: no cover yet)


Personal Demons by Lisa

Book of Spells

Kat Incorrigible 


The Lost Saint (and nail polish)

Special Thanks to:


  1. What a great week in books, Kare! I received Red Moon Rising, too, and I'm definitely looking forward to trying it :)

  2. I'm reading Revolution right now and it's soooo good. Hope you enjoy everything you got this week :D

  3. Great mailbox !! I also got Personal Demons and I can't wait to start reading it !! Enjoy all your books !!

  4. Beastly is amazing! =D I loved it. [:
    I also want to read Across the Universe really bad. I love the cover.

  5. I'm a new follower!!! Great mailbox!


  6. Wow! Great haul this week! Happy reading. :)

  7. You definitely got some epic books this week! My Librarian raved to me about Revolution the other day (and apparently she normally doesn't like historical fiction) so I'm thinking I'll have to get it sometime. I'm looking forward to you review!

    I also love the new layout! The header is super cool. And thats so cool that your brother is going to start reviewing too! Maybe I should recruit my brother to do some guest posts on my blog.... Haha. :)

  8. You got some great books this week!
    And I love the mailbox picture you have. Haha it's so true.
    Happy Reading!

  9. Awesome mailbox! Revolution - on my wishlist! Across the Universe - nothing but rave reviews!Red Moon Rising - I've been hearing enough about it to get my curiosity going. The Riordan books - another series in the long list that Bebe Boy James is pressing me to buy! I also received Kat, Incorrigible, which he and I will use as our read-together book after The Emerald Atlas, which is next on our read-together list (right now, we're reading Sword of Darrow together). Enjoy all of the great reads!


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