January 01, 2011

Happy New Year (A button and a list)!!

So since it is a NEW year I thought a NEW look would be fun! I know I just changed it but since my little bro is going to be joining I thought I might guy-ify it. Along with the new layout and header I thought a button would be cool! 

I will have the grab my button thing up soon :P
And since 2010 is over I think a list of my favorites is in order:

2010 Releases
  • The Iron King 
  • Hex Hall
  • The Cinderella Society*
  • Firelight
  • Paranormalcy 
  • Revolution*
  • Inside Out
  • Clockwork Angels
  • The Oracle of Dating
  • Infinity
Newly discovered this year but released previously
  • Hush,Hush
  • The Book Thief 
  • I am the Messenger
  • The WHOLE Percy Jackson Series (Yes the whole dang thing)*
  • Shiver*
  • The Hunger Games Series (again the whole thing)*
  • My Fairy Fair Godmother
  • Just One Wish
  • Graceling* 
*Reviews to come/Refraining from reviewing due to amount of reviews out there :P

Let me know what you think of the button and the new header/backround. Also be looking for an interview with my little bro! If there is anything you want to know about him just ask in the comments below!


  1. Lucky you! I still haven't gotten to read the Percy Jackson books other than the first one. I need to get to it ASAP!

  2. Ah! We have the same initials! (ok I knew your last name before because of email, but I'm slow haha!)

    I haven't read *any* of your favorites from 2010! I know I'm so terrible! I'm totally adding them to my TBR pile though since we have similar tastes in books!

    Happy 2011 Kare! :)

  3. love the new layout,very boy frendly and trendy! Happy New year!


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