April 24, 2012

Characters Worth Reading About

 Top Ten All Time Favorite Characters In Books
  1. Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter Series- Luna is one of those characters who KNOWS who she is and doesn't care if everyone thinks of her as crazy. She's okay with being alone and has this airy way of saying things that make you think. 
  2. Kate Grable from Bad Taste in Boys- I can't help but love this nerdy girl. She is smart, a little dorky, and most of all hilarious. 
  3. Vera Dietz from Please Ignore Vera Dietz- She's smart and sarcastic and really hard not to be a fan of. 
  4. Amber Appleton from Sorta Like a Rock Star- This girl doesn't let much get her down and because of that she is my idol. True? True. 
  5. Evie from The Paranormalcy Series- 
  6. Sam Border from I'll Be There- There is just something about Sam that I loved. He was humble, which is a nice change of pace in YA books. 
  7. Grim from The Iron Fey Series- Grim is just plain awesome. He was never clear about things and he'd pop up randomly through out the series but only when Megan needed him. I remember reading the second one and feeling like I trudging through but when Grim showed up it was like, now the story can begin!
  8. Rudy Steiner from The Book Thief- Rudy was an adventure all his own. He was an oddball with a sense of humor. 
  9. Natalie Rowan from Babe in Boyland- The situations this girl gets in are so ridiculous,  on top of that the way the she thinks ensures hilarity on like every other page. Aside from those Natalie shows you inside of a boy's mind and how it works.
  10. Chloe Camden from Welcome, Caller, this is Chloe- Chloe was such a bright, positive character! 

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