August 28, 2012

NOLICHUCK! TJ's Wild Adventures by Jackson Keene

**TJ is a typical fourteen-year-old who struggles with divorced parents, frequent bullying and having difficulty with schoolwork. He especially dislikes his history class, which is a bit ironic as his father is a big historian. After a particularly difficult day, TJ is home alone when he finally discovers a secret that his father's been keeping for years. This discovery changes his life forever.**

My Thoughts-
The Good:

  1. Time Travel -- This is (again) time travel. Like I have said before, time travel is amazing!
  2. History -- I LOVE history. The battles, the politics, the people, and of course, the romance. This book was chock-full of amazing historical facts. Most of the story takes place in Tennessee, near the Nolichucky River.
  3. Romance -- What I thought was amazing is how right when one of TJ's few ramances started, he found something very awesome when he got home. Very amusing in my opinion.
  4. Life in the 19th Century -- The things that TJ had to do in the 1800's, served as a life lesson that he will NEVER forget. Hunting, murderous and lusty Indians, and of course the food. I thought it was very intriguing that it was safer to drink whiskey than water.
The Bad:

  1. The Tavern Brawl -- I thought it wasn't very pleasing to have a man hurt like that, but that is just my opinion. I blame the circle of life. People get hurt (some worse than others) and some die. This is all I have to say for the bad.
I only recommend this book to people who do not have weak stomachs or do not have a sense of adventure.


**This is not  a n official summary. It was written by Jackson Keene on**

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