January 12, 2013

Book Haul

Stuff I got this week. Not all books but some nifty stuff.


Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry: I started this one and I like it okay. Problem is +Katie (from Call Me Crazy Ya Reviews) said she wasn't really liking it and I sort of haven't picked it up since. Which about sums up what I've read this year.

Random 'Nifty' Stuff:

I snagged this book at the bookstore I work at (more on that later this week) for less than a dollar. Although I think my mom was more excited to see the projects than I was. 

To keep my head on strait I require a planner. It's basically my brain during school. 

I had a flash drive but it is so passed full it's not even funny. I saw this one and thought it was cute plus it unintentionally matches my planner. Is it just me or are office supplies just as bad as books? And when I say bad I mean: I HAVE TO HAVE THEM ALL!! 

What all did you get this week and what are your thoughts on office supplies?

-Kare Out-


  1. I like the dorm decor book. But then I love decor books with loads of yummy pictures.

  2. Aww I'm sorry you haven't picked up the book since then! I know some people who totally loved it, I just was on the total opposite of that spectrum :(
    I love that Dorm Decor book, looks awesome! I love office supplies too, almost as much as books lol you are not alone! :)


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