February 20, 2013

Flash Reviews

Bits about books I've read.

The Morgan Rawlison Series by Maryrose Wood

So some background is needed here. I read this series like two years ago so I'm all fuzzy on the details otherwise I would do full reviews for all of them, that's how much I loved this series! However I don't have time to re-read them so I'm flashing them. Just know that this series is awesome and I-the girl with series commitment issues-managed to read them all in a row without missing a beat. I highly encourage you to read these, they are so good!

Why I let my Hair Grow Out 
Flash: Take one part Paranormalcy add one part Iron Fey and mix well, put it all behind an Ireland backdrop and you have Why I Let My Hair Grow Out. Morgan is one of the more snarky characters I've read and I just wish there were more like her. She changes pretty drastically in the mix, the whole finding self thing. Some how a bike ride through Ireland and a magical adventure can set you up right in the world. Oh, and did I mention, there is a cute and funny Irish boy, complete with accent? Well there is and his name Colin. A great story that balances reality, fairy(and faery) tales, love, and laughter.

How I Found the Perfect Dress
Flash: Some of the big points in my original review were learning about leprechauns and gnomes, seeing more of Morgan's home life like friends and family (particularly her sister Tammy who is a huge fan of Disney), and of course more Colin except this time he is on her side of the ocean. You see Phinnbar, the trickster of the series, is back and tricky as ever. More snark + new spin on mythological creatures + a boy with an accent = you really can't go wrong reading this series.

What I Wore to Save the World

Flash: Unicorns are a huge part of this book. Just thought I'd put that out there first. Seriously though they are pretty epic, there horns have magical properties like the glow stick setting. Yes, they are that cool. Back to Colin's side of the ocean this time but set in my favorite place which I have never actually seen, aside from Narnia, England!! Tammy's snark is improving and she is as cute as ever. We also meet Grandpop-Colin's Grandpa-who is the cute old grandpa of the story. More magic and deep self discovery and the almighty love. The fact that this series ended in a way that it can't ever come back makes me miserably sad. Although it was a brilliant end to the series.

-Kare Out-

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  1. I've had Why I Let My Hair Grow Out on my shelf for years, but haven't read it. I had no idea it was part fairy tale and I love that the main character is snark and ooo hot Irish boy yum!! I think I'm going to have to read that one asap!
    The other books sound interesting too! I love how there was a new spin on mythological creatures, awesome! (Love the fun titles too!)
    Thanks Kare! :D


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