February 08, 2013

Operation Valentine's Day

I'm not a huge fan of Valentines day. I think it is kind of cheesy. HOWEVER, I like to take the time to tell my family that I love them and show them some sort of appreciation on Valentine's day. Last year I made them all these really cute valentines. I drew the animals myself and everything. They were adorable. I kind of wanted to keep them all, that's how amazing they were. I have a few ideas brewing for this year and since it's right around the corner I figured I'd give you a visual representation of my ideas.

Lovely valentines (read the small print) (Etsy)

And of course Whotines for Dallin (Etsy)

Sugar Cookies (Make Bake Celebrate)

Frosted with yummy jello flavored frosting!! (How Do It)

When my creations are finished I'll put pictures up. Till then: How do you celebrate Valentine's day? Are you a fan of it or not? Please expound. Do you have a significant other to celebrate with or are you floating solo this year? (I would be in the second category sadly.)  

Reading Report:
Currently Reading: The Cavendish Home for Girls and Boys by Claire Legrand: This book is creepy in the best way! I'm not very far into it but what I've read I love!!
Recently Finished: Sea of Love by Jamie Ponti, Crank by Ellen Hopkins, and Getting Over Garret Delaney.
On Deck: Fuse by Julianna Baggot and a slew of library books.

-Kare Out- 

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  1. Ummm those Jello frosting cookies look AMAZING!!!! I definitely think I'll have to make those with the kids I nanny. They would love it. I'm not a big Valentines day girl myself, but I'm feeling surprisingly hip on it this year. No clue why, I just do. I've never spent Valentines day with a significant other (perpetually single chick right here!) but I still like the holiday, mostly for all the tasty candy. :D

    Ohhh and I LOVE your new blog design Kare! It's so cute. :D


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