February 14, 2013

Sea of Love by Jamie Ponti [Happy Valentine's day]

Description: As if it's not bad enough that Darby had to leave NYC and her BF to move to Florida, where her family's started running a hotel, now she has to help with the hotel's annual Valentine's Day Cupid's Ball. Things start looking up when local beach hottie Zach takes Darby surfing and shows her around. Beach life actually starts to grow on this fish out of water. This Valentine's Day, is Darby ready to dive into a new relationship with the guy who's captured her heart

  • This book is super short. All of these Simon Pulse RomComs seem to fly by. It was just the sort of jump start I needed for the year. 
  • A story about Valentine's day near February? I totally didn't do this on purpose either. I just saw it at the library and decided to read it. Yay for happy coincidences!!
  • Sea of Love was cute and fluffy and sometimes that is exactly what you need. I'd been in a reading funk and from past experience I knew these types of books were quick and cute, perfect for lifting me out of that rut. 
  • Darby- a) She get props for an awesome name. b) She had this whole I-don't-want-to-be-in-this-town whinny attitude in the beginning that was slightly annoying but eventually I warmed up to her. 
  • Zack- I never really got a picture of him down in my head but I know the cover doesn't do him justice. I love how he showed Darby the good in her new town. He really opened her eyes. 
  • I loved how the book was about Darby accepting the new town that she was in, opening her eyes to the lay of the land. 
  • Kate- She was a hoot! I wished you knew more about her because she's one of those characters who you can't get enough of. 
Overall: Quick and cute stamp of approval. Such a sweet tale about new places and finding love. 

Happy Valentines day (or single awareness day)!!

Figured this post could only be improved by homemade VALENTINES and COOKIES :D

YOU'RE NOT just MY FRIEND you're my best friend/I HATE when YOU are so far away
without LOVE life STINKS/I'D KILL to get a hug from YOU

Sugar cookies frosted with raspberry jello flavored frosting. Yum!!

-Kare Out-

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