February 22, 2013

I'm Getting a Hair Cut!

Seriously, whatever. 

This is monumental. I haven't gotten a hair cut since April of last year. The lady who does my hair lives here in Ga so when I'm in Idaho I just have to wait it out. I was going to get it cut in the summer when I was off but she was way booked up so it didn't happen. I am so freaking excited!! I'm not sure when but I've already been scouring for pictures. I wanted to show you them. 

So I am in love with these bangs!!

And I like all of her many layers here and where they begin. 

I kind of already know what I want and these pictures are just solid visuals of what it is I want. You have no idea how excited I am. :D Are you weird like me and have to have pictures to illustrate what you want? Do you get excited to get a hair cut? Do you prefer long hair, medium hair, or short hair?

-Kare Out- 

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  1. I always bring photos with me. I'm long overdue for a hair cut and I've been annoyed with the blahness of my hair for a year now but still I'm too lazy to go and get it done. And bangs/fringe are so annoying. I hate having hair in my face, but I look better with a fringe so... I like the first photo. I might have to steal that one. :P Share an after photo, okay?


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