December 02, 2010

At First Sight by Catherine Hapka


In At First Sight, when Lauren meets the perfect guy at the planetarium, she feels like the stars have finally aligned in her favor. The only problem is she met him in the dark and they never got a good look at each other… or got each other’s names. Now, Lauren must take matters into her own hands and find the mystery guy before she loses him forever.

Epic Wins:

  • Lauren: She was a down to earth girl who one could really relate to. She had never really taken chances with love in the past, only stepping cautiously (for example she is good friends with a guy before she considers dating). That is until she sees Riley and starts pinging (or as her BFF Britt would say: Sparks).
  • Riley: Drop dead gorgeous! Exactly perfect for Lauren in every way but not! The problem is the bimbos (aka: the girls faking as ‘planetarium girl’ more on them later) and Riley feels like he needs to find this girl but doesn’t understand that it is Lauren.
  • Britt: Besides being totally boy-crazy (and falls in love every other day!), she is truly the best of friends. She is like a dog, loyal like crazy!
  • The crazy scientist lady- for reasons that I can’t tell you to avoid spoilage.
  • The first sight(ish): They are in the planetarium on a field trip, she tries to find him but it goes dark and she jumps at a noise, falling into his arms. They talk about The Beast (their favorite band whose name comes from The lord of the Flies) but only to be torn apart before getting the chance to exchange names (this was done by the crazy scientist lady)
  • The connection they feel despite the fact that he doesn’t know/won’t except that she is the one.
  • Laurens willingness to just be friends with Riley while he figures out who and what he wants. I don’t think I could take that!
  • No sex (I love when books are clean)!

Epic Fails:

  • Riley’s inability to believe that Lauren is the ‘planetarium girl’. I mean seriously hit him over the head with a brick and he won’t be able to understand! What I’d like to say to him: There is a reason you felt pinging when Lauren was around. Why go searching when you know she is right in front of you? (Please note: this is just me rambling, it was essential that he not accept it!)
  • The Bimbos: Riley writes up a super sweet intentioned post trying to find the amazing girl he saw on the field trip. Though well intentioned the problem is there are a lot of girls that thought they could pretend to be the one and since Riley didn’t see her anyone could pass as the one. Enters the bimbos, well as Lauren calls them. They are all ditsy and pretend like they are the girl, while Lauren is cursed to watch. Poor Riley finds a bunch of posers and Lauren can’t help but laugh at them because they are nothing like her. I laugh because they throw themselves at Riley. (Really? Are we girls so shallow to do so? I guess some are. If you are I don’t like you! Hahaha not really but don’t ever do that!)
  • The Crazy Scientist Lady- she rips the two apart before they utter their names (but this makes for a cool Cinderella-type search, which is the point of the book! So really it’s a love-hate relationship here)


LOVE! I give this book a HIGH-FIVE (I like giving out high-fives)! I loved it; it was like chocolate in book form (I mean unless you’re lactose intolerant)! I really hope you read this because it was so sweet and Lauren was someone I could really relate to, she was real and down to earth. GO CRAZY SCIENTIST LADY YOU ROCK!

just sayin,

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