December 21, 2010

Some Bad News

So I found out I am moving! (OK that wasn't the bad news!!) I will be moving to Georgia with my family soon. Due to this I have to put my birthday contest on hold. Once I get settled at my new house I will put the contest back in gear but as for now its on pause. Because of this inconvenience I will buy some more books for the giveaway and put some more awesomeness in it!

On the subject of moving I was wondering if any of you happen to live in Georgia near Atlanta? If you do let me know stuff like the best book stores and stuff like that! :)

I am so SORRY! I have been stressing out about this lately and I feel it best if I post pone it. I hope you understand.

just sayin,

1 comment:

  1. Moving is stressful. Don't sweat it, Kare. You have loyal followers and they'll understand.

    And you're going to like ATL. I visit friends there, but I can't name any good bookstores off hand. Except for the big boys like B&N or BAM, maybe. Good luck with that:~)


    P.S. Watched is up at GR's. Yay!


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