December 21, 2010


So the new year is coming up (FAST!) and I am going to make some changes around here come January 1st!

FIRST: I am adding A NEW BLOGGER! 

I have recruited my little brother to help contribute reviews. He, like me, is an avid book reader. There are several books that I haven't read that (from what I hear from him) are must reads! I want to add some more variety to the reviews provided here at EBN. I'll do an introductory post all about him and his reviewing style. 

SECOND: I am changing up my reviewing process.

I know I was totally against a rating system but I have figured out a way to have a scale that is comfortable to me. No numbers or stars just words, epic ones at that :P


Infinity and beyond- for those books that took us out of this world
High five- Books that amaze and awe but are on a different level from I&B 
Literary Genius- The writer was amazing but I had some problems with the plot/characters/etc. 
Respected- I respected the book but maybe not my favorite
Um...not the book for me- I didn't finish it | it wasn't my kind of book | finished it but it wasn't one I enjoyed

I am also updating my review style with some slight changes.

This is what they will include:
Gr|Amazon description
Publisher|release date|book info
Dislikes (if any)

Random Side notes:
Katie from Call Me Crazy asked me a while back to do a guest post. I OF COURSE agreed! Check it out HERE! She has pretty smokin' blog so you might as well be a follower of her blog.

Also if you haven't yet sign up for My Birthday Giveaway do so soon!

just sayin

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  1. I'm SO excited for all the changes coming! It's going to be even more epic!
    Thank you so much for the shout out! You're truly awesome Kare! :D


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