April 22, 2011

I’ll Be There by Holly Sloan

“And because of that she believed in destiny. At least that’s what she would later tell herself” p5

Epic Wins:
  • Cosmic. Destiny. Meant to be. This book expertly illustrates those words. I was a big fan of how every character had a role in the story, most even had a point of view.
  • Sam was one of those guys who are drop-dead-then-bring-you-back-to-life-gorgeous except he didn’t know he was. He lacked the ego that typically comes with the hot factor (cough jace coughcough). Through his upbringing there was no way for Sam to know that he was some kind of new level of hot.
  • Emily gave me a bubbly vibe at first. NOT silly or stupid just content with life or someone who is happy being themselves. She becomes more complex as the story goes on and as she starts to drift from the person she was you can see how Sam and Riddle have changed her life.
  • Riddle is just that a riddle. He refuses to speak because Sam can do it for him. Riddle opens up only after Mrs. Bell (Emily’s mom) starts to try and crack the riddle that is Riddle, this is something Riddles father would never do. Okay so the dog Felix might have had something to do with it too.
  • Nothing is ever stable in Sam’s life, except the music. He goes to church every Sunday, not for the religious high or anything like that he goes to hear the music. The crisp notes speak to him in a way that ignites passion deep within him. He carries around his prized possession, an old tattered guitar. His passion for music strums right off the page, you can feel.
  • The fact that Mrs. Bell takes the time to work with Riddle really melts my heart. They cook together and as the ingredients mix so go their hearts. Mrs. Bell would call him her son and go to the ends of earth for him.
  • I just loved the many points of view. Someone mentioned in a review that it felt like it was written like a movie, that perhaps it would have been better on screen. My thing is I like that aspect, it allowed me to act like a camera and get the whole shot. I mean come on even the dog had a point of view you have to love that!
  • The Bell family was so inviting to Sam and Riddle (Okay maybe not at first but still!) they accepted them as family.
  • A puzzle it was like a beautiful puzzle. The author hands you one piece at a time in random order then puts them together at the very end.
  • An illustration of how humans are connected.
Epic Fails:
  • Clearance is mentally ill and won’t take his meds (Schizophrenia I think) nonetheless he is on the train to crazy town and bringing his kids along for the hurt. He is one of the worst (best written) evil scumbags I have read about thus far.
  • Bobby Ellis is a creeper to me. With his parents as employment (Privet eye and Lawyer) it is no surprise that he does a little digging. So he snoops like Nancy Drew but that ISN’T the creepy part, however stalking the girl you like would be crossing the line into crazy town. He only drives by her house every time he is out and about and stalks the person she likes to find dirt on him. You know, typical creeper.
This is the best contemporary I have read in a long time. It made me realize that love isn’t the only real form of magic , we also have destiny. 

just sayin,

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  1. This is the second time today I see this book and it sounds really good. I'm glad you enjoyed it, great review :)


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