March 28, 2012

Casey Barnes Eponymous Giveaway

(made from a picture on we heart it)

Giveaway time! I have one copy of Casey Barnes Eponymous by E.A Riggs. I am so excited about this music themed book and decided to share it. E.A Riggs was nice enough to answer a few interview questions for me! 

A quote you live by? 
"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

What makes you nerdy? 
I love gnomes.  The first summer my (then boyfriend, now husband) and I were together we rented a beach house in a community where there was an abundance of gnomes (An Abundance of Gnomes should be a band name, btw).  All summer when we went jogging I would fantasize, out loud, about stealing the neighborhood gnomes and arranging them in compromising positions on the beach the morning of July the 4th, the most highly populated beach day of the summer.  My man was not amused.  He bought me a gnome for my birthday, thinking it would cure me of my obsession.  Instead it only made me want more.  We now have six :)

Do you have any other projects in the works?
Yes.  I've just started a book that will be the first in a series of three books. I'm very excited about it.  The plot is a bit more "high-concept" than Casey, but Casey has a better soundtrack!

Thanks so much for stopping by today E.A.!

Description: It's three weeks into the school year when music junkie Casey Barnes gets a second chance with her mysterious, heartbreaking ex-boyfriend. She comes up with a plan to win him back, but it soon spins out of control as rivalries, revelations about him, and music itself all start to collide. For Casey the new found attention means learning the difference between wanting center stage and actually being on it. GR Page
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  1. Awesome giveaway, my fave song is instrumental which i listen to while i read or create art, it's called Trembling Hands by Explosions In the Sky

  2. My favorite song has to be "This is Our Town" by We the Kings and "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard because I always seem to find a song that perfectly describes my feelings every time I move to a new town and don't want to forget anyone I left behind.

  3. How adorable is it that he bought her a gnome for her birthday?! Aww! I absolutely love that quote, so inspiring! Awesome interview and thanks for the great giveaway Kare! :)

  4. Ooops I forgot to say my favorite song!
    It's definitely Free by The Maine. It talks about overcoming sadness and learning to be yourself even when that is the absolute hardest things to do at times. It's helped me get through so much and will always be one of my favorites! :)


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