October 21, 2010

Powers by Deborah Lynn Jacobs

Description: (goodreads)

I let him take my hand. The cold blue flame in his eyes held me, seared me. “Do you feel it?” he asked. “It’s a warm tingle, isn’t it? In your hands, moving up your arms, like a current.”

“No.” My hands tingled with warmth. It moved up my arms like a current.

When Gwen and Adrian meet, they unlock each other’s latent psychic powers. It’s too bad they can’t stand each other, don’t trust each other, and do everything they can to manipulate each other. Will they use their power to save lives? Or will it destroy them both? Written in alternating voices, this is a compelling, suspenseful novel about power in all its forms—psychic, physical, sexual, romantic

Epic Wins:

  • The electricity between the characters is (Would it be lame if I said electrifying?? Yeah your right, new word!) Exhilarating.
  • The point of views: It switches between Gwen and Adrian at moments of intensity and flows just as well.
  • It’s set in Canada, so go Canada! It was cool to read about the difference in country (I also enjoy when books are in England or Australia!) Its fun to see the different words they use like grade 8 instead of eighth grade.
  • Their powers are so cool. She has visions (usually of people dying!!) and he can read minds. It presents the negatives of the powers also, which I would hate being a mind reader! I don’t want to know that my parents are using the shower… TOGETHER!!! GROSS! I feel so bad for Adrian.
  • When Adrian humbles himself he truly is amazing, the kind of guy you want… for the most part. You would have to say the French alphabet and sing Frère Jacques to keep him out of your thoughts though.
  • Adrian in general. He starts out as one of those arrogant types but by the end he opens up and is completely different.

Epic Fails:

  • First I hated Adrian then the hate transferred to Gwen like the way the power surges between them.
  • Gwen gets a makeover and well I don’t think red hair and green contacts were a good look for her (in my head that is and everyone in the book agreed!)
  • Gwen has no self-esteem, and so she locks people out and over reacts.
  • Adrian is manipulative and uses Gwen to get to the power. But don’t be fooled Gwen has some tricks up her sleeve.
  • No actual sex but there are some pretty heavy scenes, the ones where they almost do but at the last minuet  don’t. Then there is the parents in the shower. Not as bad as it could have been though.


I loved the book! I loved the way the characters developed and how they grew somewhat together. The images in my head of when they connect still linger in my brain. The message was strong; a big gift usually has a big price.

just sayin,

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