June 05, 2011

Epic Read-A-Thon Overview

So as a lot of you know there was a read-a-thon this weekend. Twas Epic. Anyway I just thought I would share the books I ended up finishing. 

Three book. No really more like maybe two but oh well. 

Nevermore by Kelly Creagh 
(I was a little less then half way through this book when the read-a-thon started BUT its like a little less then six hundred pages so to my credit it was like a whole book)

Princess for Hire by Lindsay Leavitt 
(Which is bomb-diggity and hilarious to boot. The main character felt like Brielle from Awesome Bookworm. No joke Brielle, she even has a wall O'Awesome. It was creepy.) 

Beastly by Alex Flinn 
(You can't put this into words really. So I am offically possitive that the movie couldn't possibly be better then the book. NO WAY!)

SO... WOOT!! I got through a few books. My goal was five but that was pushing it. Thanks Brielle for that epic read-a-thon. 

just sayin, 

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