June 24, 2011

Magical Places

Rants of Magical Proportions 

When I was little I would always try and go to magical places. Usually I convinced myself I was there. As I got older these places turned into the places in books. Narnia or Hogwarts, it didn't matter as long as it was some cool place where magic lives. 

You see I think we are all still looking for that place, that place we can escape to in our minds where things are magical and awe-inspiring. We still hope that these places exist, and by all means necessary we are going to prove they live on. We still shout "FOR NARNIA" in our heads or out loud when fighting for a good cause (admit it you do this!!) . We still hear a train whistle and hope we haven't missed the Hogwarts Express. These places do live on. They live on inside of us, in our heads, and they always will. 

So what are my favorite 'places' to visit? Now that is a question I love to answer!

Hogwarts- forever and always

Narnia- I wander what it would be like to grow a book tree at the beginning of Narnia?

Olympus- Not just Olympus but camp half blood and all the other Percy Jackson places. 

Panem- Katniss opens your eyes to all the glory of this world. 

Divergent- A recent favorite but it's epic all the same. 

Honest that's all of the ones I can name right now. In the comments leave your favorite worlds you like to escape to! I would love to hear all the 'places' you've 'been'. 

just sayin, 


  1. Great post! I totally love this premise and agree with you 100%. Those places are AMAZING ;D

  2. Really cool post! I love the pics you chose for each place. As my favorite story worlds, I also love Hogwarts and the Chronicles of Narnia. And I really love the world of OR Melling's Chronicles of Faerie-- I think you would like those books. :)


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