December 23, 2011

Pretty In Black by Rae Hachton

A troubled, suicidal teen meets a mysterious guy in a cemetery and later discovers he has an unquenchable desire for her love...and her life 

Ellie Piper's life is turned upside down after her sister's unexpected murder and her parents divorce. After her mom succumbs to moving in to a trailer park and marrying a man half her age, Ellie begins cutting herself, quits cheerleading and begins hanging out in cemeteries, dreaming of her perfect death. But when Marcus Marble shows up and sets her heart afire, she discovers a whole new world full of love and mystery. And in this world, Marcus has returned from the dead, just for Ellie, and has a desire to take her with him, into eternity. Now that he's found her, there's no way he's letting her go. Dead or Alive. They're fated. Find out more about Pretty In Black here.

Epic Wins:
  • There were tons of literary throw-backs but most notably those of Edgar Allen Poe. He was mentioned as were his ideas. 
  • Ellie- A cheerleader turned goth after her life gets thrown out of wack. She was unsteady and unsure of who she was but slowly figures things out. Loved that she was a kick-butt hunter.
  • Marcus- He was a constant mystery, puzzling but intriguing. He really helped pick Ellie up and showed her how good life could be. 
  • The way the strange and dark world of Nevermore is presented is masterful. Loads of myth and legend filled the pages. 
  • Message 1- Your life can be changed simply by the choices you make, you control it.. 
  • Message 2- Love is dark sometimes. It's confusing, dark, but mostly beautiful.
  • They hung out at cemeteries, which slightly odd, was slightly fascinating. "Oh yeah I'm just going to hang out in the cemetery, bye Mom!" (Oy, the conversations in my head...
Epic Fails:
  • think the two perspectives should have been intertwined. Having them separate confused me too much. 
So I wasn't a huge fan of how this book went down. I was confused most of the time but I am interested to see if there is more to come. Regardless it was a good story with an original plot.

just sayin, 

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