December 17, 2011

Through the Ears of S.R. Johannes

Today let’s welcome S.R. Johannes!

I have a very cinematic mind so when I write. I think of my book as a movie as I’m typing. I can visualize every scene and hear every song in my head as the story plays out. When I started Untraceable, I put together a playlist for chapters and scenes and I wrote to that song. It was something that got me into the feel and pace of each scene. Like a soundtrack.

In Untraceable – there are a few songs that stand out to me.
  • U2’s Grace – It says everything about Grace and her story.
  • Muses’ Time’s running out – I play this during the big chase scene about 2/3rd into the books
  • Keane’s Somewhere only we know – when Grace is fly-fishing and thinking about her dad.
  • Susan Tedeschi’s Looking for Answers - when Grace hikes off into the wilderness in search of her dad.
Some of my favorite songs include:
  • Pink’s Glitter In The Air
  • Cake’s I will survive
  • Susan Tedeschi Wrapped in the arms of another
  • Kris Allen – Live like we’re dying.
I could not live without music. It expresses everything I feel. I can’t write without it. And sometimes when I’m stuck, it’s shows me the way.

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