December 27, 2011

A year of books cut into a tenth

Top Ten Favorite Books I Read in 2011

This one is hard because I have read over 100 books this year. That's right 100. So picking ten of them is really difficult, but I'll try!

1. This was the second book I read and it was hard to put down. 

2. This book takes the number one spot. It was everything I love about contemporary.

3. Four. Enough said.

4. I waited a while to read this one but once I started it I fell in love with it. 

5. How can you not be captivated by this book? Even the very idea draws you in. 

6. Love that cover, but I loved the story even more. Emerson was such a sarcastic and witty character.

7. This author is my latest crush. It's amazing the way she ties humor and grief together.

8. I am pretty sure I snorted like 15 times during this book. So much funny!

9. This is one of those books that you can't stop reading because of the compelling characters and twisting plot. 

10. Oh man. What a night...

just sayin,


  1. Divergent was one of my favorite reads of the year as well so I'm happy to see it made your list! Ooh, and Ditched as well as Sorta Like a Rock Star both look great too! I'll have to check them out! :)

  2. Awesome list! Graffiti Moon was a brilliant book! Loved it!

  3. You have some awesome books listed! A.S. King is stellar--so, so awesome. I still want to read I'll Be There; your list is the second time I've seen it listed. And I agree with Bad Taste in Boys. I laughed so much!


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