January 10, 2012

Could you hurry up and write some more of those really good books?

 Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book
  1. Julia Hoban- I swear this lady need to comeback and write. You don't just write a book as amazing as Willow and just stop.
  2. Morgan Matson- I know she has a book coming out this year but I sort of wish it was already out. I looooved Amy & Roger's Epic Detour and can't wait for another book by her.
  3. Jandy Nelson- She is so good at writing and I think there might be another book in the works.
  4. Anna Sheehan- A long, long sleep was an incredibly creative twist on an old fairy tale. I can't wait to see what she cooks up next.
  5. Markus Zusak- The more of his work that I read the more I love him. 
  6. Jennifer Donnelly- It's been a year, a whole stinking year, since I read Revolution and fell in love with Donnelly's words. 
  7. Maryrose Wood- I read her Morgan Rawlison series all in a row. I don't often read books in a series all in row. It was HUGE when I read them all in a row.
  8. Dr. Seuss- I am fan of sir Seuss and it would be awesome if he had written a few more books. 
  9. Ronld Dahl- When I was younger I read Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the glass elevator, and Matilda. Needless to say I loved getting lost in his wonderful books. 
  10. Ray Bradbury- I wish he would have wrote something ya-ish. I loved Clarisse from Fahrenheit 451, I thought she was an awesome young-adult character and I think he could have done wonders in the genre. 

just sayin,


  1. Great list.

    Dahl wrote such great children's books. I loved reading them when I was younger. I do remember, though, that The Witches kinda freaked me out when I first read it.

    Laura @ The Traveling Owl

  2. OMG totally agree with you on so many of these: Julia Hoban, Jandy Nelson and totally Morgan Matson! They are incredible! That would have been so awesome if Bradbury did YA and I loved Dahl while I was growing up too, the BFG was my favorite! I still need to read A Long Long Sleep and Revolution, they sound amazing!


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