May 22, 2012

You mean there are sites that have nothing to do with books?

Top Ten Blogs/Sites You Read That AREN'T about Books
  1. MLIA- My life is Average
  2. We Heart it- This is where I get all my pictures for daily dose. They have sooo many cute pictures!
  3. Netflix- Self explanatory :)
  4. Pixlr- This is a free editing program.
  5. Pinterest- Hi, my name is Kare and I am a Pin addict.
  6. Polyvore- You can create outfits and stuff here which is pretty fun.
  7. Meekakitty- I love this girl! You just have to watch some of her videos, seriously!
  8. Makin' Cute Blogs- Lots of blogging tutorials that help so much!
  9. The Leila Texts- Random text from people she doesn't know + snarky commentary= SO DARN FUNNY!!
  10. Grooveshark- A place where you can make playlists.

just sayin,

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