May 15, 2012

Through the Ears of Shannon Greenland

Today let welcome Shannon Greenland!!

I love rock from the 70’s. Give me Fleetwood Mac any day and I am one very happy camper. However, I cannot listen to music when I write because I get way too distracted by the lyrics. A multi-tasker I am not. On the other hand I can’t have it silent because then I get distracted by, oh, I don’t know: everything! My neighbor going in and out, my dog snoring, the mail man, the whirl of the ceiling fan, and I swear I can hear static electricity.

So to combat all this distraction I have a sound machine. When I wrote the first book in The Specialists I listened to ‘Jet Lag’. The second book in the series was ‘Unwind’. The third book got ‘White Noise’ and the fourth ‘Rain’. For those of you who have read my Specialists series you know which characters match which sound. I mean, ‘Rain’ was so book four in the Amazon, wasn’t it?

For my upcoming release, The Summer My Life Began, I listened to ‘Ocean Surf’ because the book takes place on a fictitious island in the Outer Banks.

When I was first invited to write this blog post I thought, “Gosh, I don’t listen to music when I write” and then I realized I did. Sound machines are definitely their own interesting type of music. Oh, and tonight when I fall asleep I think I’ll listen to ‘Celestial’.

Thanks for stopping by Shannon!

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just sayin,

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