September 25, 2010

Fairies, Flames, and tazers! OH MY!

Today [yes just a few short hours ago] I was had the HONOR , nay, the privilege to meet three incredible authors! 
1) The ever amazing Kiersten White who wrote Paranormalcy 
2) The sweet and knowledgeable Sophie Jordan (Firelight)
3) And last but not least the cute one (who writes only while she is pregnant) Aprilynne Pike (Wings and Spells)

I didn't, unfortunately, have anything for Aprilynne to sign so I didn't get to talk to her and I sort of froze up at Kiersten (she was the reason I drove to the signing). By the time I got my courage up I was at Sophie. She was incredibly relaxed and down to earth (can't wait to read her book!!!) . It was fun getting to talk to her.


The bookstore that hosted the trio's signing

Sophie's signature in MY book!!!! :D she left the post it!

Kiersten's signature is so bleeping funny! ( that was not a curse word!!)

Some amazing swag I picked up!

Unfortunately i was a total nutcase and forgot to take pictures of or with the author (who does that??!). Anyways I had a bomb-digity time and they were all so funny and down to earth, loved it!


just sayin,

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