September 22, 2010

Who am I digging in history: Nightingale's Passion

 I love reading (well no duh!) but not just fiction. I have this thing for history, I love everything about history. I am an avid listener of the podcast Things You Missed in History Class on How Stuff Works. They do all kinds of podcasts about history. There are all kinds of interesting topics (OK so it's interesting to me, the history buff! the one who is taking western civ as an elective). Knowledge is power I say! (don't give me that look I said I was an EPIC BOOK NERD, I won't leave history out of the 'book' category).

So after reading Wildthorn , where Lou mentions a certain influential nurse, I decided my love for history and books has to collide on my blog some time. So I am starting a People in history-kind-of-thing. I really don't know where I am going with this but I have to share my love of history and those who made it possible.

For my intro to nursing class I had to create a power point that described the life of one Ms. Florence Nightingale. The project was actually very entertaining. Florence is now one of my new favorite people in history. I loved everything about learning about her but the one thing that stood out to me was her Passion. She loved to take care of people, see to their  needs while they were ill. She didn't care about the money or the glory, it was about the people. She established many of the principals that we now call mandatory for hospitals. In a time when being a nurse was frowned upon , this lady rose up for what was right. I love learning about people's passion and seeing there love for that passion glow from there face!

What makes you tick? What is your greatest passion? What will you do to change the world or somebodies world?

I want to know so just comment what your Passion is and why and what you're going to do about it.

just sayin,

the history buff extraordinaire!

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