May 27, 2011

Armchair Bea: A blog post about blogging

I was going with a hammock for the whole armchair thing but I found this instead :P

So Today is about blogging because of the blogger convention. I decided to go with this question:

Not really but its a deep question eh?

How do you keep your blog fresh and interesting to your readers and yourself?

No offence readers but I don't DO this for you. I do this for me. Its a way for me to let out my creativity and share what I have read. I know, selfish right? *shake head at self in mock disappointment* But really, your blog has to be you, so writing it to keep it 'fresh' for your 'readers' doesn't make sense. I write silly reviews, use bad jokes, and make up words occasionally. Thats not for your benefit, believe me, its just my mind throwing up on the post.

Sometimes I shake my head at how goofy I am, but then I remember that of course I am goofy. That's WHO I am. If my blog doesn't show that then it isn't mine. Why would I want some serious book reviewer running MY blog when I am a GOOFY book blogger. No I don't go into the technical side of writing, examining the flaws the writing has. I look at how it made me FEEL. What I liked, what was weird to me. My reviews are strictly my thoughts about the book. How can you make that fresh?

I will mention that I have had so much fun writing these little posts and adding random pictures to them . That might just stay. The pictures that is. 

So Keep it fresh everyone!!

just sayin, 

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