May 11, 2011

Sidekicks who kick butt

So Dallin and I decided that though we love main characters sometimes they get too much glory. That means today is all about the sidekick. You know those characters that make the book funny or are totally loyal (or both!!) So we have picked the three we deem the best! 

Up to bat first is Grover from The Percy Jackson series. After deciding to do this post we both racked our brains for who would be best, we both fully agreed to put Grover on. He is one who eats cans, drinks way too much coffee, has a pure heart, and is a joker. He provides Percy with a loyal always-there friend. The thing is Grover sets the bar high so it was difficult to come up with more characters and they all had to go through the are-they-as-good-as-Grover-test? 

My personal choice of best side kick was Jenna from The Hex Hall series. This girl knows loyal, because that’s what she is every step of the way. I love her and Sophie’s friendship, it rocks. They are the misfits of Hex Hall but they have each other. Jenna is a pink loving, blonde haired vampire. She is one of the coolest vampires I have met in my literary travels and kick butt to boot. Epic sidekick, for sure!

Dallin’s choice is… you guessed it! A Harry Potter character! Who though you ask? Not the brilliantly smart Hermione, nay nay, but Ron. He feels that Ron is a very witty and enjoyable sidekick. Yes they have their fights but his loyalty is priceless. Not to mention he has a rather hot sister. (His words not mine!!)

Grover. Jenna. Ron. Who is your favorite sidekick? (tell us in the comments)

just sayin,

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  1. Love Grover and Jenna!! They're seriously awesome.


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