May 23, 2011

Armchair Bea: WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!?!

Well I'm Kare. Welcome.

[Inserts epic little kid picture to distract]

 Completely true facts about me:

I am a ninja.

I trained as a wizard.

I rode a unicorn .

My neighbor took me to Narnia once.

I was excepted to Hogwarts. (I start on Sept. 1st)

My imagination is slightly overactive...

Okay okay so they aren't all true, the last one about my imagination isn't :) So I read books.  I love books, most of them anyway. I really love young adult books, I stick them religiously. I do read middle grade once in a while but adult books just don't interest me. 

Where do I Armchair? 

uh right now I am on my bed. Does that count? If not then I say my couch. 

just sayin, 

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  1. Great intro! I'm a new follower cause I love your style and we have common interests in reading. :)


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