May 09, 2011

Daily Dose (19)

Daily dose is a meme hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly 

My life in snap shots edition

This first picture got me thinking... what would my life look like? I came up with these pictures. These are all my personal pictures so you know they aren't cool and fancy but they are epic! Don't steal them!!! :)

This is my first car... hunter green Malibu. It was raining :)
My older brother and I when we were little
Mmmmm fruity pebbles my favorite cereal :)
My dad holding my dog Tucker. Tucker is holding his bear. 
Best thing I ever found at Target
A Caterpillar on my shoe :)

What inspires you?

just sayin,


  1. These are great pics :-) I especially like the first one of your car.


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