May 18, 2011

The bad guys we love to hate but find out they are actually good

So for this weeks topic I could only think of two characters who fit the bill. I am talking about the bad good guy. **If you haven't read Harry Potter all the way through or The Iron Fey series I would suggest you not read this post due to spoilers**

Severus Snape:

The professor we are genetically inclined to hate. (please do me a favor and not ask why I said that) Through the whole series Snape and Harry hate each other. From his first year at Hogwarts Harry assumes Snape is bad, and it's not like Snape tries to be nice or anything. The fact of the matter is that Snape was in love with Harry's mom Lily and could see that little amount of Lily in Harry. So he was mad. By the end of the series you see that despite what Harry thought Snape WAS good. 


WHEN EVER SOMEONE DOES ALL CAPS I THINK THEY ARE IRON HORSE!! So in the first one he is her enemy, the one she is trying to get away from. But through twists and turns he ends up having to help Megan. He is one of the most loyal characters and what he does is amazing. I really want not to spoil so uh read the books so we can discuss his Epicosity. Just know he is a good horse. :)

just sayin, 


  1. This post is EPIC :D !
    I love the idea of the topic and I also love the two characters that you've chosen !

    Iron Horse is so loyal. He's always trying to protect Meghan in the second book. I really like him.

    I'm a HUGE fan of HP (who isn't?^^) and Snape (it's weird in French he has a totally differend name. His name is Rogue O_O I don't know why...) is one of my favorite character.
    Chapter 33 The Prince's Tale is one of the best chapter in the HP series !!!

  2. Great pic of Ironhorse! I also think of him whenever I see someone typing in all-caps. :) And Snape... his love for Lily and his sacrifice made me cry so hard.


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