August 04, 2011

From Bad To Cursed by Katie Alender


Alexis is the last girl you'd expect to sell her soul for beauty and popularity. After all, she already has everything she needs--an adorable boyfriend, the perfect best friend, and a family that finally seems to be healing after her sister Kasey's unfortunate possession by an evil spirit.

But then Kasey tells Alexis about the mysterious new club she has joined, and the oath she has taken to someone named Aralt. Worried that Kasey's gotten in over her head again, Alexis and her best friend Megan decide to investigate by joining the Sunshine Club, too. At first, their connection with Aralt seems harmless. Alexis tries a new -- normal-- look, and finds herself reveling in her elegance and success.

Still, despite the Sunshine Club's outward perfection, the group is crumbling from within, and soon Alexis finds herself battling her own personal demons. She can hardly even remember why she joined in the first place. Surely it wasn't to destroy Aralt...why would she hurt someone who has given her so much, and asked for so little in return?

Epic Wins:

  • A New and refreshing ghost story. Seriously Aralt was a whole new kind of ghost, and evil in all the ways possible. 
  • The way the sunshine girls had power, even though it was messed up it was still cool to imagine. Stay Sunny!
  • Even though the new Alexis bugged me to pieces her true self still tried to come through. You could see how stubborn she was just by the fact that she was fighting through.
  • The mystery of who or what is behind all of the strange occurring events makes you really think and try and figure it out.
  • The twists and turns-right-off-the-cliff, though very unusual , were creative. 
  • This book kept its cute and creepy status in a very ghosty way. 
  • Kasey- You really see her true side here. There is a moment when she could very well have been Alexis. I liked that you saw this side of her. 
Epic Fails:

  • The ending just leaves you hanging in an awkward postion. So much happens and changes, it is all so very hard to grasp. 
  • I threw the book. Across the room. Sorry about that Dallin...I have only thrown one other book and that was Catching fire. 
  • All through the book I was saying 'I don't like where this is going'. I mean I know it wasn't 'her' but Alexis started to bug me. 

I will put it this way, it is a story that rips your heart out most of the way leaving your heart still somewhat there with the hope that the next one will come along and stitch it up.  I love Alender's writing and can't wait to see what she cooks up next. 

just sayin,

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  1. I agree with you about Alexis, she did start getting annoying in this book:P Great review!


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