August 19, 2011

RCL's Back to School Read-a-thon

They are having challenges and all kinds of giveaways!! Want to find out more? Click on that nifty picture and it will take you to Narnia... um I mean their site.

So many, many books so little time...

As far as reading goals go I am setting my goal at three. Who knows if I'll even read one...BUT I shall set goals (whether I achieve them is totally irrelevant :) !!

I am not even going to list the books I hope to read because it always changes. To start with I am  reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (which is totally creepy in the best way!!)

This is my kind of camping :)

Was going to participate but realized he was going camping which means he probably won't get any reading done. 

just sayin,

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