August 18, 2011

A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan

Epic Wins:
  • Rose- Complex heroine. She is butt-kick in her own way. Doubt be her downfall but that makes her easy to relate to.
  • Otto- Intreging. He is just as complex as rose. He genuinely cares for Rose in a sweet way. They are friends but could become more with time. He is my favortie!!
  • Zavior- Her adorable dog named after her old boyfriend.
  • Xavior- The old boyfriend. As Rose unburys her past you see just how much he ment to her. They just know eachother so well.
  • It's a futuristic Sleeping Beauty. Take one part original sleeping beauty fairy tale and add crazy cool technology. Mix well.
  • Words- You know how we say words like epic and our parents said things like groovy? In this future they have there own words which include but are not limited to: Coit, Sky, Burn (ing, er). I thought this was a cool thing because in the future I expect the next generation will come up with their own words.
  • The Gadgets: Stass tubes (sleeping machine/ Human Freezer), Limoskins (hover limos), Notescreans (like a computer or laptop), and cells (holographic cell phone). These are just a few but I liked the idea of one day getting to use something like that.
  • Bren- He is really nice to her but I think of them as just friends.
  • I just love the concept its so original and refreshing. . I can't believe how smooth the transition from fairy tale to science fiction was.
  • The writing was [incert word that means epic]. I was hooked by the characters and setting and oh just everything!
  • There were some twists I saw comming but others sort of walked up to me and waved there arms for hours and finally smacked my forehead. I got the messeage.
  • Rosie has this amazing passion for art.
Epic Fails:
  • The shiny plastic guy bent on killing Rose.
  • Rose's 'care takers', they were sort of creepy. She always felt like she wasn't safe when around them. Awkward.
  • Her parents REALLY messed her up, basically it was abuse.  I can't say I liked them too much.


"My name is Rosealina Samantha Fitzroy. I am 100 years old. I am free, but I am haunted. But if nothing else I am wide awake."

"..the unfathomable abyss inside your soul..."


So Stacey from Flippin Fabulous mentioned that she totally loved the book so I decided to check it out. Oh man, I am so glad I did. A tale of struggles, finding who you are, and that you have a voice.

just sayin,


  1. I just got my copy today, and I can't wait to get started. It sounds pretty good, despite the creepy plastic guy and abusive parents. I especially like that the MC is a strong heroine!

  2. One of my favorite reads this year! I had the author on my blog for a guest post and everything!


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