August 09, 2011

Rosie by Mariam Maarouf


In life, nothing is the same as it seems. People create masks –identities – to hide who they really are –some for noble reasons, or nefarious ones, but only a tiny fraction because they must. 

Alessandra and Damien, or Rosalie and Daniel, were once the Princess and Prince of La Pacifica until they were forced out of the beautiful island. Eight months flew by, and they finally began to settle in Alexandria, Egypt, when they found out that they didn’t leave their past behind them, and that they were both wanted urgently. 



  • Hardcore. Like run-for-your-life-crazy-guy-wants-you-dead status. This made it a sort of dark story.
  • The different way the siblings dealt with grief. Let it out/Lock it up .
  • Alexsandria- She was a delicate character. She was always wavering from okay to dreadfully sad. Even thought Damien’s intentions were noble I think he tip-toed around her too much.
  • Damien- He was a rock. I know some people handle loss differently but he was really good at not letting it get to him.
  • The way they had to lean on each other and except that they were all each other had.
  • The twist and turns. They are severe, very severe, which always makes for a good ending.
  • It was a really quick read, the plot kept moving you forward through the story.


  • So the setting was Egypt and I was a little sad that it wasn’t brought to life. I was looking forward to seeing it in my head.
  • That evil person who wants them dead, yeah I didn’t like them very much.  (Well yeah who WOULD like them?)

A great, thrilling read that keeps the heart pounding. (Uh not that most books stop the pounding, that would be bad. Reading would be very dangerous in that case...)

just sayin,

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