March 15, 2011

Author Guest Post: Lou Aronica

A letter to myself at 17

Dear Lou,

First off, let’s get a few things out of the way:

          Emerson, Lake & Palmer aren’t nearly as significant as you think they are. That Springsteen guy, though – he’s the real deal.
          Relax about the Yankees; they’re about to go to three straight World Series.
          Yes, Asian food is fabulous and you’re always going to love it, but don’t trivialize great Italian food just because you get it at home all the time. Decades from now, your friends are still going to be envious that Dad and Mom were both such excellent cooks.
          No, she’s not worth it.

Now to some more significant matters. I should probably tell you right now that nothing turns out the way you thought it was going to. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In some cases, it’s a great thing. For instance, you only think you don’t want to have kids. Instead, they’re going to become the most consistently magical part of your life. You don’t need to believe me now. I didn’t believe it until I held our daughter for the first time.

You will definitely find True Love. The only issue is that you’re going to have to deal with a fair amount of Equivocal Love first. Yeah, I wish we’d handled our approach to that entire thing differently. Growing up romantic isn’t necessarily a blessing, though it’ll lead to some fabulous four-month stretches.

You’re going to spend far more time in suits than you think you’re going to. Don’t let this make you crazy; you look good in suits, as long as you avoid olive. Wearing a suit doesn’t mean that you need to leave your independent spirit in the closet. The reality is that the suit and the independent spirit is the look that works for you. Never forget that. Anyway, at some point you’ll get to go to work in jeans. It’s going to take a while, though.

Do you know how much you hate where you live? That doesn’t really get better. However, Manhattan is calling. Yes, I know, but it’s going to turn out to be one of the safest big cities in America, and the way it awakens from its slumber is going to be remarkable to witness. After that, you’ll fall in love with Connecticut. No one saw that coming.

I could tell you more, but you’re probably better off experiencing the rest it without any idea of the outcome (though when someone mentions “Google” to you for the first time, think, “investment opportunity.” Man, I wish I’d done that). I’ll only say that the key to everything – love, family, career, the best places to go for ice cream – is keeping your heart open. You’re going to have endless opportunities to close off your heart. Resist. Make sure that life always matters to you. This isn’t the safest approach, but I’m convinced that it’s the only one that will make you want to keep getting up every morning.

Enjoy the ride. And remember to floss.

With love and compassion,

Thanks SO much for stopping by Lou! 

Stop by tomorrow for my review of Blue!!

just sayin, 

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