March 16, 2011

Blue by Lou Aronica


Chris Astor is a man in his early forties who is going through the toughest stretch of his life. Becky is Chris's fourteen-year-old daughter, a girl who overcame enormous challenges to become a vibrant, vital young woman - and now faces her greatest obstacle yet. Miea is the young queen of a fantasy land that Becky and Chris created when Becky was little, a fantasy land that has developed a life of its own and now finds itself in terrible, maybe fatal trouble. 

Together, Chris, Becky, and Miea need to uncover a secret. The secret to why their worlds have joined at this moment. The secret to their purpose. The secret to the future. It is a secret that, when discovered, will redefine imagination for all of them. Blue is a novel of trial and hope, invention and rediscovery. It might very well take you someplace you never knew existed.

Epic Wins:
  • I loved Becky's point of view!
  • The world the author has set up (Call me nerdy but I have a thing secret worlds)
  • The Writing was real and rhythmic
  • Miea's point of view was interesting, she isn't an ADULT but she isn't a teen sort of in the middle like me :D
  • WOW talk about twist in a story! Drop your jaw and pick it back up!
  • The interlocking and weaving of stories was very intricate and artful.
Epic Fails:
  • I know the point of views were nessisary to tell this story but I really wish it had just been Becky's point of view. 
  • It took me a while to get into the story

I liked it but I just don't think it was my type of book. Some of the point of views were just lost on me, If it had just been Becky this book would have been a tad better.  I will leave it to you to judge. 

just sayin,

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