March 11, 2011

Fixated Friday:The Liar Society Dallin's Review

I have been talking too much on these Fixated Fridays so I am gonna let Dallin take the reigns this week...

just sayin,

My Thoughts:
It was great!
It was amazing!
It was…pink?
So I am not such a huge fan of the pinkness but otherwise it was a great read. I could feel the air of mystery; it was strong throughout the book up to the very last page. Kate was like a super sleuthing ninja, picking up clues where ever she went. Now Kare is a HUGE fan of Liam but I find myself relating to Seth so I am on the unofficial Team Seth!!  He was sort of nerdy and so am I! Lisa and Laura Roecker shine like rock stars in this debut novel. (Thanks for the great read L and L!)
Rating :
Characters: 4 /5
Plot:  4/5
Intensity: 5 /5
Voice:  4/5
Humor:  4/5
Average: 4.2

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