March 29, 2011

The Secret Year by Jennifer R. Hubbard

This isn't the smooth-like-butter-cover but its cuter then that one :D


Take Romeo and Juliet. Add The Outsiders. Mix thoroughly.

Colt and Julia were secretly together for an entire year, and no one—not even Julia's boyfriend— knew. They had nothing in common, with Julia in her country club world on Black Mountain and Colt from down on the flats, but it never mattered. Until Julia dies in a car accident, and Colt learns the price of secrecy. He can't mourn Julia openly, and he's tormented that he might have played a part in her death. When Julia's journal ends up in his hands, Colt relives their year together at the same time that he's desperately trying to forget her. But how do you get over someone who was never yours in the first place?

Epic Wins:
  • Colton was strange… in a good way! He liked being alone, usually walking by the river. He seemed to have his emotions in check; he was good at hiding them anyway.
  • I know this is random and I am weird but I might as well tell you! The cover of the paperback is all smooth, I practically rubbed it for like an hour going ooooh soft! (yes I am THAT weird)
  • I really like Kirby! She was so sweet and sure of herself.
  • Michael, though he was kind of geeky, he was nice and was the only once who knew about ‘the secret year’.
  • Colton’s situation just flat out sucks! You have a secret relationship with a girl that can only talk about her BOYFRIEND and ends up dying!  The emotions expressed were real, raw, and rational.
  • For me it was a quick read with a point.
  • Books like this make you what is REALLY going on with the people around you. Are they really okay or are they suffering in silence?
  • Hidden Romance+ Tragic Death+ Mysterious Journal = The results are The Secret year
Epic Fails:
  • SEX , SEX, SEX! Colton and Julia’s whole relationship is based on it. There are never gory details but still… its there!
  • Julia is confused I get it, I really do but I thought she was selfish. She only ever talked about her boyfriend (what? Who does that?) . She couldn’t fully embrace Colton or let go of Austin . I just didn’t like her (which I think was half of the point) no matter how much Colton liked her she just felt like nails on a chalk board.

It was a well told story about loss with beautiful writing. Not one of my top favorites but I liked it well enough! 

just sayin,

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  1. I think you said it perfectly "not one of my top favourites but I liked it well enough". That's exactly how I felt! Great review!


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